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iTrustCapital login offers a distinctive product that makes cryptocurrency investing more accessible for daily investors. Users can purchase, sell, and stake digital
iTrustCapital is an independent IRA provider that allows users to invest in precious metals and crypto assets using their retirement accounts. iTrustCapital pays more attention to offering users a straightforward and simple-to-use platform, which can be an important asset if you have never sold and bought alternative investments. When you attain retirement age, the platform enables users to select whether they wish to take their spending in cash and the currency they have invested in. Although the platform provides a limited variety of digital currencies compared to other platforms, its distinctive IRA and easy structure offer makes iTrustCapital login the best place to invest.
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Protecting Your Assets

  • Your Assets, Not Ours
    • iTrustCapital never takes custody of your assets. We don’t borrow or lend against client assets or leverage client assets for profit and we don't let our custody providers do it either.
  • Secure Storage

    • Client assets are secured and stored with third-party institutional storage providers.
  • Regulated Custodian
    • iTrustCapital uses a regulated, state-chartered trust company to hold the self-directed IRAs and custody client assets.

Capacity to stake cryptocurrency

  • Particular digital currencies verify the blockchain via staking. Depositing tokens into the blockchain enables it to present proof of verification.
  • When you select to stake the tokens, you can deposit the tokens at risk, but you can earn money for staking. You can’t trade your cryptocurrency tokens when utilizing them for staking.
  • iTrustCapital login enables users to stake specific Polkadot tokens for at least 90 days. The platform retains 20 percent of your income as the staking fee, but you can keep the remaining 80 percent.

Best crypto storage

  • The platform works hard to ensure users feel comfortable through their iTrustCapital accounts. This means the company has implemented a diversity of top security practices.
  • iTrustCapital Login ensures all currencies are against cyber crimes and corporate. Also, it stores cryptocurrency tokens in cold storage so that hackers can’t hack and steal your assets.
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